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aboutusWeb Position Expert is a Website Optimization Firm, collaboration of experienced professionals with the necessary skills to provide a rounded and seamless website marketing solutions package for any company, or individual, wishing to maximize their online web presence and potential.

We can offer not only professional Search Engine Optimization packages tailored to your needs, but also web development, domain hosting and many other services, selected specifically to cover your unique requirements.

We provide you with the courtesy and professionalism that you should expect from a firm such as ours. We will return your phone calls and emails promptly. We will not cut corners in any way, nor will we do anything that will jeopardize your website’s relationship with any of the search engines.

What makes us different, apart from our integrity and professionalism is the blend of experience that we can offer to you. Including :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Marketing experience (including the development of new and niche markets)
  • Thorough web site performance analysis every step of the way
  • Graphic Design Web design (on a number of platforms, incorporating numerous technologies)
  • Hands on technical experience of web servers (various platforms)
  • Hands on technical experience of various Operating Systems
  • Experience of working for very successful ‘dot com’ companies
  • Professional Photography


Your SEO and Web Position Experts

Our web site performance analyst and Search Engine Optimizers are a ready to take on any job big or small. With extensive experience with Technical and Website support as well as experience in developing niche markets in a number of industries. Our SEO and marketing experts can, when not working, be found climbing rocks, occasionally jumping out of perfectly good airplanes or scuba diving with sharks.

It is our philosophy that life is not a rehearsal, and those that know him will attest to the fact that he takes every opportunity offered to make the most out of life, we us the same beliefs in our working life, utilizing creativity, technology and marketing experience to provide the perfect solution for his clients.

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