Comparing The Search Engines  

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Search engines  are the major force behind the web and any form of website marketing or SEO is designed to maximize your exposure through the search engines to carefully targeted traffic.

There are search engines for everything and everybody. There are broad search engines and there are ‘vertical’ engines – these are essentially for specialty subjects and industries.

The main players

Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Teoma, Overture & MSN

Vertical /Themed engines

There are many specialty engines (considerably smaller than those listed above) – sports related, adult related, image related

There is no ‘Best Search Engine’ each one has its upsides and it is part of an SEOs job to know which ones are most suited to your needs and requirements. Most are free of course, some have a paid inclusion as standard and others will speed up submission if you take advantage of their paid inclusion programs.

The SEO project that we design for you will include:

Marketing – We optimize your pages to appeal to each search engine.

Submission – We manually submit your sites to the most important search engines.

Positioning – We monitor you ranking on each engines and make small and subtle adjustments accordingly to your site so that you will retain that top position!

Searches Per Day

Google & partners 152 million

Inktomi 80 million

AltaVista 45 million

Direct Hit 20 million

Fast 15 million

Overture (go to) 6 million

Ask Jeeves 4.2 million

What Do People Do Online?

E-mail is the most popular activity, with 85% checking each day
60% of Internet users search the web each day
50% look for product information each day
55% use multiple keywords when searching
50% who purchased at an online store arrived via search engines
35% type the product name into the search box

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