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Real-Time Keyword Research

Discover the true keywords being used by your target audience, and you’ll see your traffic skyrocket!  Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Here’s how we differ from many other search engine marketers:

  • We examine actual, real-time search results, which are initiated by the target audience from within the last 60 days in order to determine phrases that have the highest demand but possess the lowest competition on each of the major search engines.
  • We will extract the hottest related keyword phrases that we can identify from 300 million queries recently used and we will compile a list of the top recommended phrases, topics and subject matter.
  • We’ll examine real-time data for the most commonly misspelled keywords within the last 60 days for inclusion to your keywords.

Researching Actual Target Audience’s Behavior

  • We watch for special trends of your target audience’s behavior and build a high performance strategy based on what they are actually searching for.
  • We employ “lateral thinking” strategies that aim to introduce and match your content to exactly what the target audience is looking for.
  • We build rock-solid, original, custom strategies using only quality content.

Your first web site search engine positioning analysis is free. How can you lose? Click here NOW for your FREE website analysis.

Construction of High Performance Pages

Gateway information pages are designed for specific search engines based on specific information to achieve high rankings with the search engines and produce targeted traffic to your Web site.  To accomplish this we will:

  • Construct an agreed number of high performance pages.
  • Optimize your content, articles and feature stories based on our researched findings (one phrase per page).
  • Develop content with key information that is most likely to compel visitor response.

Manual Registration with Each Major Search Engine

  • We register each high performance page by hand with each major search engine.
  • We process submissions in accordance with each specific search engines preferences for optimal performance.
  • We process submissions in priority sequence to get optimal results fast.

Your first web site search engine positioning analysis is free. How can you lose? Click here NOW for your FREE website analysis.

Monitoring the Position of Each Gateway Page

We check your site’s positions in the major search engines.  Find out in minutes, rather than hours, how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you, on each of the most important search engines.  We track visitors and where they came from to answer questions like: “What keywords are people searching for to find my site?” or “Which search engines send me the most traffic?” and more!  This will help insure continued success while giving you measurable results for tracking the amount of free advertising you generated.

Producing Monthly Positioning Reports

We provide you with position management reports providing you with valuable information including the following information and benefits:

  • Excellent overview of your search positions by keyword and Search Engine. It shows your visibility statistics and last reported positions!
  • Displays what your summary description listings look like on each Engine.
  • Display exactly who is positioned above and below you.
  • Emergency Alerts will display any instance where you’ve declined in rank to even the slightest degree. Once your rankings are solid, we work to ensure they stay that way.
  • We compare your keyword positions with up to 3 competitor’s Web site’s of your choosing.
  • We view the effectiveness of every page where a ranking was found and benchmark your progress from month to month.
  • We custom tailor your report to include the complete unmodified results from the search engines with as much in-depth detail as you require.
  • We keep written logs to ensure all your Web pages get submitted and indexed by the search engine robots.

Monthly Statistical Analysis

We provide detailed monthly analysis of site traffic levels, benchmarking your progress each month. Information includes the following data:

  • most requested pages
  • least requested pages
  • top entry pages
  • exit pages
  • what countries visitors are viewing your Web page from
  • how long they visit each page
  • from where they were referred
  • activity levels by day
  • activity levels by night
  • activity levels by week
  • activity levels by hour of the day
  • top referring search engines
  • top search keywords used and which search engine it was used in
  • plus many more details

Link Analysis & Enhancement

We analyze the sites that are linking to you (and THEIR reputation on the Web), we then research other suitably relevant and reputable sites that will link to your site. We will contact these sites and we will negotiate terms to get your website linked by them.

This is a proven strategy to gain better rankings with some of the biggest search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This has become one of the hottest SEO services around. Pay Per Click involves bidding for keyphrases on specific Search Engines.

Here are some of the advantages of PPC –

You can work with a specific budget. If the search engines change their algorithms your PPC adverts are not affected. You can work with multiple keyphrases simultaneously If a phrase is not working for you it can be removed at no cost. New phrases may be added at no additional cost Their is full reporting so an analysis can be made of what is working best for you You have guaranteed inclusion into the search engines that you utilize PPC within With Pay Per Click you can see immediate results from your advertising campaign!

Creating Dynamic Page Content

Search engines love web pages with fresh and new content. We can create and modify pages for you so that they will display fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. This will encourage the search engines to ‘crawl’ your site more regularly and will improve your rankings. It will also make your pages more interesting to your visitors and will encourage them to return.

Your first web site search engine positioning analysis is free. How can you lose? Click here NOW for your FREE website analysis.


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